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How to Market Yourself as a Software Developer

Software development is an extremely competitive field, it’s therefore vital to stand out from the crowd when looking for a new job or even trying to gain a promotion at your current company.

Whilst possessing the right technical skills is definitely necessary, the developers most likely to land a job offer are usually those that actively market themselves by increasing their public profiles.

In this article, I’ll look at some of the best ways developers can increase their public profiles.

Starting a Blog

Blogging useful information on a specific niche is one of the easiest ways to showcase the full extent of your knowledge to potential employers in a way that could never be achieved in any cover letter or CV.

Whether its creating tutorials on how to solve common problems people face with particular programming languages or talking about challenges you faced whilst programming and how you decided to solve them.

Running a blog proves you’ve worked with certain technology in the past as generally speaking the ability to write a blog post on a certain programming language generally requires a fairly good understanding of that language in the first place.

Build up a reputation with your blog posts and you may be offered the opportunity to write as a guest blogger on an established tech blog related to your niche.

A regularly updated blog demonstrates your passion for programming to potential employers and shows your ability to effectively communicate and teach others.

Not a big fan of writing? Maybe try making a podcast or a Youtube series. Anything that allows you to put yourself out there and be noticed by others online.

Contribute to Open Source Projects

Setup and maintain a publicly accessible GitHub or BitBucket profile showing the open source side projects you’ve worked on. This gives potential employers are really good insight into how active you are, your coding skills and allows you to show off your abilities. This can be extremely effective if the projects you display here are similar to the projects the hiring company is looking for you do for them. Fixing bugs in open source projects also conveys the message that your a helpful person looking to help out the wider community.

Other things to consider doing to increase your public profile could be:

  • Writing and publishing a book
  • Making valid contributions and answering questions on developer forums such as stackexchange sites.
  • Starting a technical wiki or contributing to a pre-existing wiki.
  • Use social media to express your opinions on certain technologies.
  • Building networks in software communities.
  • Presenting at developer events.