What’s Ruining Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates?

November 26, 2017

The main reason online e-commerce websites are created is generally to market products and make it convenient for customers to buy them. E-commerce sites must try to establish¬†positive connections with customers, aiming to generate loyalty to a company’s brand and keep products moving out of the door.

However many site owners often get carried away with trying to build these long-term relationships and actually end up doing more harm than good for their business. This is especially the case for smaller businesses lacking experience in e-commerce strategy. They often find acquiring new customers difficult or have problems with the low quantity of returning customers.

While a highly detailed e-commerce site can make your brand look professional it can also create problems for your customers user experience. Troublesome navigation or check-out processes can cause customers to leave your site. As a general rule of thumb the more technical your site is, the more problems you will likely create for yourself on the road to customer conversion. It’s therefore very important to take a good look at your e-commerce setup and eliminate these bumps sooner rather than later.

What could be preventing conversions on your e-commerce site?

Below are a few of the most frequent errors that lead to shopping carts being abandoned instead of conversion:

A Non-Customer-Friendly Design

Building your e-commerce site to have functions and appearance based on your personal preferences instead of what is convenient and appeals to your customer is often one of the biggest mistakes small businesses make when venturing online.

It’s recommended e-commerce site owners carry out user experience screening using website analytics and even occasionally an impartial third party. These observations can help understand how customers behave whilst visiting your storefront and what pages are likely to cause them to leave the site all together. Once these insights have been made adjustments should be made to the site to rectify them.

Focusing on Creativeness rather than Conversions

It’s often easy to believe an artsy e-commerce site will draw in attention and compel customers to try something fresh and new, but if it is not well balanced with clear navigation, messaging, or check-out functions, it will not help your business.

Again, conduct consumer experience tests, making certain your sales funnel is plainly defined and correcting steps where customers either leave the website or deviate from the required purchasing process.

Forcing Unnecessary Activities and Steps

Customers demand an instant and easy check-out. That is why they’re moving online to buy your products instead of going to your physical store. Their lives are busy and therefore expect a hassle-free online buying experience.

Pop-ups asking customers to subscribe for future discounts or to sign-up to complete their purchase is a sure-fire way to encourage them to leave the store, leading to a loss in transactions.

Not Being Mobile Friendly

Activities on smart phones now exceed what’s done on desktop computers. Smart phones bring the internet to users on the run, wherever they are.

Chances are, your visitors are living face-paced lives and are busy. They would like to make purchases at any time and from any location that suits them.

When your e-commerce site is not formatted to work well on the tiny displays of a mobile phone as well as your desktop site, you’re passing up on a great deal of business. Search engine rankings are now also significantly influenced by the mobile friendliness of your site, making it more important than ever to sort this problem out once and for all.

Start Optimising Your Website for Conversions

Setting up a highly effective, successful e-commerce site takes planning and a lot of thought. Making a site with some of the elements mentioned above at its core can give your visitors an improved online shopping experience and ultimately result in a rise in conversions.

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Jessica Lishman

Author: Jessica Lishman

Resident SEO specialist