How to Resign

The gruelling efforts you put into interviewing have finally paid off and you’ve finally received a job offer from a new employer that you are going to accept. It’s time to say goodbye and leave your current company.

How do you tell your current employer you’re leaving?

Many people dream up some incredibly creative yet probably quite unprofessional ways of leaving their job when the time comes. However in this situation you should aim to resign as gracefully and professionally as possible, after all you may still need a decent reference from your current employer at some point down the line.

Ideally you should prepare a resignation letter and subsequently resign by telling your line manager and handing them this letter.

What should you include in a formal resignation letter?

  • Letter should state you intend to leave your position at the company.
  • State your final working day calculated using your notice period found in your contract.
  • Thank the company for the experience you’ve gained whilst working for them and wish them good luck in the future.


  • Keep it short. No need for any lengthy explanations here, best to save those for a private conversation.
  • Adapt it to your contract. Considering the terms of your employment contract shows you have clearly thought about your decision and helps avoid any surprises you may have accidentally agreed to in the past.
  • Keep a professional tone throughout the letter no matter how you normally communicate with your manager. Resignation should be dealt with seriously.

How to resign to your manager

  • Ask for an immediate private meeting with your manager or arrange a phone call to resign verbally.
  • Decide what to say before you go in to the meeting and stick to it.
  • Try to keep emotions out of the conversation, remain professional throughout.
  • Don’t go into detail about complaints/reasons that have made you leave.
  • State that you are prepared to work out the notice period you agreed to in your contract.
  • Request HR to be present if you feel the meeting starts to turn uncomfortable
  • Be prepared to be asked to leave immediately.

Hopefully these tips will help you part ways with your soon-to-be former employer on good terms.