Job Seekers’ Advice

We know how tough it can be finding a new job. Sometimes it can seem as if you’ve done everything right and yet still don’t land the job.

Listo Brands have compiled the following advice to keep you on the right track during your job hunt.

Practice makes perfect

This saying is very relevant to the job hunt, especially the interview stages given that most people rarely ace their first ever interviews.

Interviewing is a nerve racking situation for most people, but it’s important to not let your nerves get the better of you.

Candidates also often don’t spend enough time considering their answers to questions before speaking, this is common with people at the beginning of their careers.

Thankfully most people find the nervousness and quick firing question answering often declines with experience in interview situations.

It’s important to thoroughly research the roles and companies your interviewing with and anticipate the types of questions they might ask you, allowing you to prepare the perfect answers if you are asked similar questions. A simple Google search for “Interview questions commonly ask during {insert role} interviews” can be extremely beneficial. I know a few hiring managers do the same to find inspiration for questions to ask candidates during interviews and have spoken to a number of candidates who have been asked questions in interviews they had been able to perfectly prepare beforehand.

There’s plenty more jobs in the sea

It’s important to not let bad news get you down whilst job hunting, there’s plenty more opportunities available even if you don’t get this one.

Use a bad interview and job rejection as constructive feedback and learn from your mistakes. Move on to the next interview and this time you’ll know what to do differently.

Follow your passion

Everyone who gets through to the interview stages generally has the required skills to carry out the role. However the most likely people to receive job offers are those that clearly show they are passionate about what they do. It’s important to focus on something you are passionate about. So, find what you love doing and then match a job to that.

It’s also important to demonstrate how you can add value to the hiring company. Hiring managers are often impressed by your past experiences and qualifications, however if you really want to get hired demonstrate how you will be able to add value to the business. Make it clear on your cover letter, CV and during the interview that the company’s future will be better with you as part of their team.

Network, network, network and then network some more

It’s vital you keep expanding your professional network as your progress throughout your career. You’ll receive useful information about your industry along with new roles opening up that may be of interest to you. Making friends with the right people can also do you the world of good when looking for a new job.

Stand out from the crowd

Be sure to highlight unique elements of your personal brand, what have you done that very few others have?

Give hiring managers an insight into your personality and make an impression on the potential companies by demonstrating you are an interesting person they would like to spend more time with.

Employers hire people, not résumés.

Stay positive

I think this is the most important thing to take away from this page – Positivity and persistence are the key to finding the perfect role.

Stay optimistic throughout the hiring process, there’s going to be plenty of downers along the way but keep going and you’ll eventually achieve your goal.

Keep your head up as employers don’t want to bring negative people into their teams.

Resources to Boost Your Chances of Getting Hired

We’ve put together the following resources that could be beneficial to anyone looking for new career opportunities.

The testimonials from our previous candidates demonstrate our commitment to finding the right match for both employee and employer.