Hire the best talent with Listo Brands

We know how tough it can be to find top notch candidates for your company’s vacant position that seems like it will never be filled with the correct person.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary contractor with the motivation to start adding value from the moment they step through the door, or a permanent employee with the right skill set and long term desire to progress through the ranks.

Leave it to the experts! Listo Brands are committed to sourcing the cream of the crop for our clients.

We believe an upfront and honest approach results in the smoothest recruitment process; this involves working closely with your business to discover all boxes that need to be ticked by your new employee.

We subsequently work tirelessly to find candidates in the top percentile of talent that perfectly match with your company culture and are capable of moving your business in the right direction.

A new breed of recruitment agency

The recruitment team team at Listo is unique in the fact we consist of specialists who have all previously worked in software development roles before transitioning into recruitment.

We’re much more passionate about technology than the average self-involved, keyword matching recruiters who only care about hitting their KPI targets. We know the agony of spending countless hours searching lines of code for misplaced semicolons, brackets and parenthesis. Our teams technical experience allows us to talk shop with potential candidates and gives us the edge when it comes to truly gauge competence.

We are fully aware of the issues companies of all sizes face when bringing new employees onboard and are in the perfect position to help kick-start your recruitment process, having analysed trends in the recruitment landscape over the last decade.

If you would like to discuss partnering with Listo Brands for your recruitment needs please call us on 01304 899 411, email us at or use the contact form below. One of our industry experts will be in touch to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have about our recruitment process.

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