Hire Contractors

Contract workers are becoming increasingly more important and frequently relied upon in today’s technology sector. There’s no surprise to this considering hiring contract workers provides a great short-term cost-effective way of meeting demands during busy times.

Contract workers can be useful to cover permanent staff absence, maternity leave or help push that development project over the line in a team that’s been lagging.

Most contract workers enjoy the flexibility of their work life and can often be hired at a moments notice.

Time is of the essence when it comes to hiring contractors.

It’s important not to mess around to avoid losing the best skilled contractors to your competitors. Whether you need someone next month – or yesterday – Listo Brands team of expert recruitment consultants will provide you with a high-calibre shortlist with the right people for the job in little to no time.

Our clients have provided great feedback regarding the contractors we quickly place and are frequently happy with their ability to immediately bring added value onboard.

But the truth is, we wouldn’t be able to find the best candidates without our clients help. We rely on clients providing us with comprehensive job specifications and working with us to entirely understand the scope of the project and the company culture.

The Listo Approach

Listo Brands assign a personal recruitment consultant to every client, who endeavours to make the hiring process as seamless as possible on your end. We work around your busy schedule, whether that means speaking outside of normal office hours or squeezing brief summary phone calls in whenever you’ve got the time, all in the name of finding your company the perfect contract workers to get the job done.

We currently have contractors with skillsets ranging across the software development spectrum in our database. The majority of which we’ve relied upon in the past and have always received positive reviews from clients we placed them with.

If you would like to discuss partnering with Listo Brands for your contractor recruitment needs please call us on 01304 899 411, email us at hello@listobrands.com or use the contact form below. One of our industry experts will be able to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have about our recruitment process.

Alternatively if you’re looking at hiring somebody on a permanent basis it may be worth considering speaking to us about some of the excellent candidates on our radar currently looking for their next long-term role.

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