Hire Permanent Staff

Company success depends on hiring the best people, there’s no two ways about it.

Employees are the backbone of your business and at the end of the day your reputation is in their hands.

Happy employees are more likely to be productive, meet deadlines, achieve great things and lift the spirits of colleagues during rough patches. Meanwhile a bad employee will often produce poor results and can be outright destructive to your company and profit margins.

Hiring the right employees is therefore much more important than many other decisions you will make in business.

When browsing the marketplace for permanent candidates that match our client’s criteria Listo Brands start by looking for the following attributes:

  • First and foremost we look for competent candidates with the necessary skills, level of experience and education to be able to successfully manage the responsibilities they will be assigned at your company.
  • Does the candidate have the potential for growth? Do they appear to have the ability and willingness to eventually take on more responsibility and continue adding value as they progress through your company?
  • Is the candidate a selfless team player compatible with the company culture and able to be harmonious with colleagues?
  • Does the candidate display a commitment to stay for the long term or are they just looking for a quick fix?
  • Will the candidate be satisfied by the compensation package on offer? Otherwise the candidate is not worth pursuing as it will likely result future challenges.

Trust Listo Brands to find the right permanent employee for your company.

We rely on our clients to be completely upfront with us as our dedicated team of consultants take the time to truly get to know your company culture, the role requirements and the market you operate in.

This approach ensures we have the best possible starting place to pounce on talent suitable for the role before your competitors. Moreover it helps us manage candidate expectations by ensuring they feel completely capable of delivering what has been asked of them, reducing chances of early resignation.

If you would like to discuss partnering with Listo Brands for your recruitment needs please call us on 01304 899 411, email us at hello@listobrands.com or use the contact form below. One of our industry experts will be able to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have about our recruitment process.

Alternatively if you need somebody quicker it may be worth considering speaking to us about some of the excellent contractors currently in our database we’re able to put you in contact with. Whether you require one product manager or an entire team of developers at a moments notice let us know, we’ll sort out the logistics.

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